From a great variety of beauties, legends and traditions, we recommend a few objectives that you can visit during a staying at POARTA ZMEILOR Boarding House.


POARTA ZMEILOR - distance 5 km

In a wild environment, full of legends of giants and fairies, it is the oldest cave from the Trascau Mountains, with a length of 125 m. and a portal (stone bridge) at 15 m from the cave mouth. There are lots of stalactites and stalagmites here. The way of access is astounding.

Huda lui Papara - distance 6 km

The longest cave in the Trascau Massive, the third in Romania (2022 m), it is crossed of an underground river.

Vinatarile Ponorului - distance 7 km (quite near of Huda lui Papara)

A great vertical hole, in a picturesque landscape, 80 m deep, raises the visitors' curiosity.


Cheile Posegii - distance 9 km

Spectacular geomorphological ensemble, with rocky abrupts, ridges, towers and very deep ditches. There are some unique in the world plant species here.

Cheile Pociovaliste - distance 20 km

Cheile Runcului both situated on the Ocolis Valley, an association of abrupt precipices, ridges, towers, tanks and chimneys.

Scarita Belioara Abrupt - distance 12 km

Situated on Posaga Valley, near Belioara village, an imposing abrupt with high peaks shaped like a tower:Coltul Bleantului, Piatra Belii, Virful Negrilii, and numerous caves: Cosul Boului, Bottomless Cave, The Red Cave, The Long Cave, The Monck Cave, Phillip's Cave, The Round Pick Cave etc.


Sipote Cascade - distance 2 km

It's a cascade runing in steps of aproximatly 15 m high, situated near Aries river, very accessible.


(Set up to admire the view but also to preserve some rare plant species)

  • Coltul Rosu Vidolm Larice Reservation;
  • Scarita Sesul Craiului Reservation;
  • Vinatarile Ponorului Reservation;
  • POARTA ZMEILOR; Reservation;
  • Detunata Reservation (basalt columns 200 m. high in an exotic, full of legends landscape).


Posaga Hermitage - distance 9 km

It's a monk monastery, situated on Posaga Valley, a little architectural jewelry, wood and rock incrusted. There is the Hermitage Spring in the very proximity, which is considered to have healing powers.

The ”Sub piatra” Monastery - distance 6 km

A nuns' monastery, situated close to Huda lui Papara Cave, with a history full of events, wearing the St. Paraschiva's name. The clothing of the saint are kept in the monastery and there are also two miraculous icons.

Muncel Monastery - distance 20 km

A nuns' monastery, built in a seren landscape. There is a special place near by, the place the Emperor of Viena, Francisc Joseph met "The Mountains King" Avram Iancu, under a beech-tree. The beech-tree never looses its leaves.

Haldine Monastery - distance 27 km

A monks' monastery, built in 1429, where even Horea, the hero of the 1784 revolt used to sing in the pew and his followers took their loialty oath to the cause of the revolt.

Lupsa Church - distance 25 km

Construita in anul 1421, una din cele mai vechi constructii de acest fel din Transilvania.


Ethnografic Museum in Lupsa - distance 25 km

Founded by Pamfil Albu, it is the largest village museum in Romania.

Avram Iancu Museum (from Cimpeni) - distance 40 km

The famous tribune had his general quarters here during the 1848 revolution;

The cellar (from Cimpeni) where the incidents from 1784 took place, the prelude for the 1784 revolt, led by Horea, Closca and Crisan.


The Roman Galleries (from Rosia Montana) - distance 45 km

The Aries is one of the few rivers of the world that carrys little gold particles along with his waters, laying in the sand the precious metal.

The Roman City from Rosia Montana (Alburnus Maior)is perhaps the most authentic document in illustrating the mining activity in the Apuseni Mountains from the very beginings till now. There are galleries and mining works here, caracterizing this activity during all this time. Now the galleries are electrified. The famous, and astonishingly impressive Roman City with its artistic galleries, constitutes the very proof of the roman's technical genius, which raises our admiration even after 2000 years.

Copper quarry (din dealul Piciorului Musca) - distance 35 km

A 100 m high wall created by man, in the rock, it is the greatest of the kind in Europe. The place offers a panoramic view over the Aries Valley.


Segagea Village - distance 18 km

The old place is the keeper of authentic traditions and traditional costumes, unchainged for thousand of years, was the center of the anticomunist resistence in Apuseni Mountains.

Salciua Commune

Comuna cu locuitori harnici, gospodari de nadejde, cunoscuta pentru tirgurile de vite la care vin crescatori de animale din intreaga zona a Apusenilor.

Cimpeni City - distance 40 km

The capital of this region, the very hearth of its history and culture, the beginning of the greatest social movments in Apuseni.

Abrud City - distance 55 km

There are lots of old important houses in this city, houses in which remarcable events took place and they wear the memory of all these events encrusted in plaques on their facades. All these proove the importance of the city in the popular revolution led by Horea, Closca and Crisan and during the revolution from 1848/1849.

Rosia Montana - distance 45 km

There are over 105 lakes in this place (Tarina, Taul cel Mare, Anghel, Brazi, Corna etc) consecutive to the mining activity. It's the place of birth of Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu's wife. This one met his wife in the house of Simion Balint (priest, fellowman of Avram Iancu) in 1865. There are the famous Roman Galleries here.

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