• Organizing trips with tourists personal cars, or the touristic agencies ones, or the boarding house;
  • Renting the boarding house;
  • Accomodation and meals;
  • Accomodation with breackfast included, semi-lodging, complete lodging;
  • Organizing festive suppers, traditional, hunting melas, specialities;
  • Visiting traditional homes;
  • Hikings around the special places near the boarding house;
  • Visiting sheepfolds;
  • Organizing games and camp fires;
  • Safe auto parking;
  • Aranging a swimming pool for children;
  • Children's access in the amusament park;
  • Meals at the sheepfold;
  • Auto transportation;
  • Well aquaintaed to the local touristic objectives guide;
  • Festive meals;
  • Artistic programs with local bands;
  • Riding.
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