POARTA ZMEILOR is an turistic pension located in Alba county, village Salciua.

It lies along the middle stream of the Aries river, between narrow pats and quay, being a place of breathtaking natural beauty and remarcable landscapes. Poarta Zmeilor is also a historical place where the legends and the local traditions blend together, offering the visitor a plesant, rustic and anforgetable experience, far away from modern civilisation.


  • Turda: 48 Km
  • Cluj Napoca: 79 Km
  • Alba Iulia: 105 Km
  • Sibiu: 175 Km
  • Bucuresti: 510 Km
  • Budapesta: 350 Km

Acces ways:

  • DN 75 (national highway);


  • Autovehicle

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