POARTA ZMEILOR boarding house is located in a bellvue point, having Aries River in front of it, the Bedeleu Mountain with Huda lui Papara cave, Poarta Zmeilor cave, and a rocky abrupt of an exhilarating beauty. The boarding house has a TWO FLOWERS rate:

ACCOMODATION 8 bedrooms with a terrace from which:

  • 5 bedrooms with 2 places;
  • 2 bedroom with 3 places;
  • 1 bedroom with 4 places.


There is a possibility of extra accomodation places at half price of the cost;

BATH 6 bathrooms with runing cold and hot water, central heating;

DINING ROOM maximun capacity of 20 places in the hall, chimney, TV, stereo;

40 places on the terrace;

KITCHEN refrigerator, cooker, deposit room, etc;

YARD AND GARDEN, garage, parking lot, playing ground, orchard.

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